Do You have a Mould Problem?

Cot Death,  bleeding lungs,
bronchitis  and  asthma
are all associated with
Black Mould
Still think you can live with it?

Condensation, black mould and other damp problems might look harmless, but doctors have associated black mould with cot death, bleeding lungs, bronchitis, asthma, sore eyes, hardening of the arteries and breathing problems.

So, if condensation, black mould or other damp problems are something you thought you could 'live with', then think again. Make no mistake, black-spot mould is a very serious condition caused by condensation. You'll find it in corners, behind your furniture and in your cupboards.

Act today

Take a look now. Maybe you've been ignoring those unsightly marks on the wall. If you see any of this in your home, you should take action right away:


But perhaps you've been ignoring the problem because you thought it would cost the Earth to fix. If that sounds like you, don't go anywhere.

Because, yes, leaf through Yellow Pages and some of those damp-treatment professionals will charge you an arm and a leg.
Dial the wrong number and you could be facing a bill of 1000 or more.

You might think it's a price worth paying, to safeguard your health and your family's health.

But I'm going to tell you how you can put a stop to this very dangerous condition for very little expense.

Put simply, if you fall into any of these categories and have a black-spot mould, damp or condensation problem,

you MUST read on:

  •     Property developers
  •     Tenants
  •     Home-owners
  •     Private landlords
  •     Local authorities
  •     Housing associations
  •     Builders
  •     Surveyors
  •     Anyone with a mould problem.

  • Vital information

    In this brilliant e-book, 'Control Black Mould', you'll get
    ALL THIS vital information:

  •     How to spot black mould

  •     The dangers of black mould to your family

  •     Why black mould forms in your home

  •     How to be sure ill heath in your family is not down to black mould

  •     How to give your home the health security it needs from black-mould infestation

  •     How to control black-mould infestation.

  • These are the simple solutions the damp professionals don't want you to know about.

    And I should know. I've been identifying and rectifying damp problems in buildings for over 28 years. In my vast experience, there's not one damp, black-spot mould or condensation problem that can't be controlled with these inexpensive, simple methods.


    For very little outlay, I'll show you how to rid your property of damp and mould FOR GOOD. You'll feel better, breathe better and have the reassurance of knowing that damp problems will no longer put you and your family at risk of developing terrible health problems such as bronchitis or hardening of the arteries.

    People who have bought this priceless ebook agree. Here are just some of the many comments I've received from delighted customers:

  •     "I now live in a home that does not have a musty smell, and I feel a lot healthier. I don't cough as frequently and the tightness in my chest has disappeared."
    [IA, Kent]

  •     "It's a pleasure to read a technical issue that has been put into such an easy-to-understand manner with no hype."
    [DK, Cumbria]

        "Thank you for the simple ways that you have illustrated the problems and solution of dealing with black mould. There is nothing complicated in your methods. They are all just commonsense issues brought to the surface."
    [CGJS, Wales]

  •     "Control Black Mould is so easy to understand, and it definitely brings home the dangers of something that most of us do not take seriously. Thank you for bringing these issues to the foreground."
    [JM, Dundee]

  • The information contained in this ebook is very valuable. It could have a dramatic effect on your health. In extreme cases, it could even save your life.

    Bargain Price

    So, you might expect Control Black Mould to cost a penny or two. But because I'm concerned about the serious and under-reported health problems of black mould, I want to make this ebook widely available.

    Which is why Control Black Mould can be yours today for the bargain price of just 9.97. Yes, that's 55 pages packed with vital information on controlling this dangerous toxic mould for under a tenner.

    Compare that to the hundreds or thousands of pounds a damp professional might charge you.

    Yes, it's a good price. But I understand that, in the current economic climate, we all need all the help we can get. And I really do want you to have this ebook. I believe in it and I believe that the information it contains is vital, particularly if you have children.

    That's why, for a limited time, I can take a little money off the price.

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    Remember, act today, and safeguard your health and your family's health.

    Yours truly

    Meredith Evans

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